Addis Consulting also offer a range of in home services inside the greater Wellington area.

Working from home: Has your employer got you working from home? Home office not up to scratch? Let us help! Router configuration and updates, VPN Setup, security checks, Absolutely!

Building a new house: Happy to help with greenfields installs! from Wireless to Ethernet, TV services to camera security, even home automation, we have you covered!

Wifi Security Audits: Ensuring your wireless is setup securely, and you know how to do the basics including changing passwords, ensuring your channels aren’t overlapping and making sure nobody outside your family can access the network!

Mesh Wifi Installations: Wireless not getting into every area of your home? We can help!

CyberSecurity Training: Unable to make one of our courses? Let us come to you!

Computer Security: Not sure your devices are running the latest patches, antivirus, or other concerns? We’re on it!

Family device security: Not sure your kids aren’t access content they aren’t supposed to be? Do you need to see what they’re doing if required? We’ll manage it!

Raspberry Pi: Interested in setting up a pi for your household? From Media Streaming to Pi-Hole, We’ll get it done!

Pricing starts at $65 for the first hour, and $45 for each additional. Advanced builds will be quoted before work commences.